The Best Super Bowl Moments Ever (Video List and Brief Description)

Today people cannot move from the American Football, also the NFL; others refer to it like the super bowl.  Every game new moments are made, but not all of them make it to the top, not all of them are memorable to lovers of the game. Some days there could be fewer moments made and on most days the best of bowls are made, below is a video list and description of some of the best super bowl moments to have ever been experienced:

Last Game, Pittsburgh Steelers 6th Lombardi Trophy

In this game, a strike by Roethlisberger to Holmes makes it to the back corner of the end zone. The move by Roethlisberger just 35 seconds to end of the game stole a win for the Steelers at 27-23 to win them their sixth trophy of the tournament. One of the most memorable of Super Bowls.

Cincinnati Against Bengals

The 23rd super bowl is a day never to forget. In this game, a player of the San Francisco, 49ers Quarter Back Joe Montana asked his teammates if they saw a John Candy. Before the opponents knew it, a quite decisive 10-yard pass was made to John Taylor that led to a try, to lead to a win 34 seconds to end of the game.

5 Seconds to Play Super Bowl 64

This game involved the Tennessee Titans and the S. Louis Rams. Among the most memorable of super bowl times, a tackle by Mike Jones prevented Kevin Dyson who was few steps away from making a tie game touchdown.

Super Bowl 66 Vinatieri’s Field Goal

Classified as one super bowl’s biggest upsets. A goal by Adam Vinatieri from 48 yards earned the Carolina Panthers a win. At 20 to 17 for the Rams. The same instance repeats itself later when the same player did it to beat the Pats in the last of seconds of this game.

The 17 Super Bowl by Redskins and Dolphins

A touchdown by John Riggins could be one of the most surprising in the history of the Super Bowl. The Redskins were down in by 4 points, but a 70 chip went through a defensive line. The chip made landed on Riggins and could not be prevented from a 17-13 loss to the opponent but in the 17th Super Bowl.

The Butler’s INT

One of the most astonishing moments of the Super Bowl. A new cornerback, Malcolm Butler ran from behind to steal the ball from Russell Wilson to keep the game at 28-24. The move prevented the Seahawks of Seattle from becoming the latest of football dynasties in American Football History. To date, this video is amongst the most watched of the Super Bowl.

Tyree’s Helmet Catch

One of the most coach angering acts on the Super Bowl, not many players pin a pass against a helmet. Surprisingly, NY Giants Eli Manning has done it. A few plays later, 59 seconds to the end of the game won the Giants a game against an unbeaten side, the Patriots in the 42nd round of the super bowl.

47-Yard Field Try Miss

The Buffalo Bills had gone to the Super Sunday 3 more times without getting the title. The last time they were closer to a win, Scott Norwood’s missed a 47-yard goal try, taking it wide right. The opponents, the Giants won the game with just a single point between them in the game.

Bradshaw KO

A simple 64-yard pass made by Lynn Swann in the last quarter of the Super Bowl could have ended sourly. The pass ends up on Bradshaw’s chin, knocking him out of the game. Surprisingly, the pass ends up resulting in a second ring. The end was not that bad.

The list of videos about the best of super bowl moments goes on and on. A look at them could be nostalgic. The videos will provide full access and entertainment. Moreover, a chance to enjoy previously played game.

This is not all fun that you can get from watching sports if you want more you can read this essay on sport that will help you to understand more about many strategies or historical background.