education executive

education executive

An array of programs for senior leaders that integrate online learning into the curriculum.
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In this particularly difficult economic context and in a world where working practices are changing rapidly, continuing education is, and will remain, an important ally for executives, managers, leaders and organizations, to build the society of tomorrow and thereby contribute to a more, thoughtful, responsible, sustainable and better world.
Providing you or your company with the necessary support to develop new skills and knowledge, and finding ways in which we can all innovate together, has greater meaning today than ever before.

As an organization, we offer flexible and customizable modules of relevant and research-backed programing. These modules can be less than a day to accommodate busy schedules or span several months for more impactful learning. We also work with organizations to send the right people through our existing programs.
What is Executive Education? Executive Education at the top-ranked Daniels College of Business offers webinars, workshops, courses, and customized programs in a variety of leadership and business topics. Education for working professionals. Lessons for lifelong learners. Bonding experiences for teams.

Education executive
Online and custom programs to enhance your nonprofit executive management techniques
Executive Education programs at Notre Dame are developed with you in mind, providing opportunities for working professionals to earn full academic degrees, attend intensive one-week courses or customize a solution to meet your company’s specific educational needs.