Changing The World With Technological Advancements

In the modern world, many people get into contact in almost every aspect of their lives be it social or personal. This disregards the place where one works or lives but technology is more or less but just an order of the day. Therefore, advancements in technology can be regarded as the greatest creative activity of man today. The advancements are the root causes of the appearance of material world that we around us today. Also the way in which the society functions today is direct manifestations of technological advancements.

In the life of man communication is very vital both in personal life and in the field of business. Technology in communication has advanced with time making communication even better. For example in a few centuries ago the best way to communicate with friends, families or business partners was fixed line telephone. It main disadvantage was that it fixed that one could use it only while inside the office. Advancement in technology has  developed    mobile phones  such  as I-pads  smart phones  and tablets which can not only be used to make calls but also can do a video call and see the people you are communicating to.

In educational sector, the effect of technological advancement cannot be ignored. The use of mobile gadgets  in learning as simplified the  way in which  teachers and learners interact their learners since they needs not to go to class to learn and also enables them to access information anywhere they are at any given point in time. These new advancements in education empower the learners and enable them to make research on various subjects. Advancements also enable the learners to get additional information besides what the teacher has presented in class. Such advancements includes the use of; social media to connect students, smart phones tablets and computers in classroom, and smart boards.

Moreover, our security systems have also been greatly affected by the way technology has advanced. Initially it was difficult and to travel or transport goods from one place to another.  IN the modern society the case is different where aircrafts and electric trains have been developed. These are quick means of transport that enables people t save their time. In addition advancements in technology have resulted to development of the equipments used in the construction of transport networks such as roads railways and airports. All these contribute significantly in making transportation easier and faster.

However, it is important to note that technological advancement has got both positive and negative effects therefore the decision whether to use it or not to use it depends on the user. Positively, technological advancement leads to increase in production simplify communication, improvement in education and health facilities and simplifying many other ways in which we do things. On the other hand technological advancements has affected environment due to pollution that has an effect on ozone layer. In addition, it promotes laziness to human beings, in that technology user are dependent on   new advanced tools. This laziness has to affected innovation and creativity and health risks to those who use technology and do little or no exercise.