A Glance At Technology And The Changing Times

In the modern world evading technology and its advancements can be seen as impossible and if not then it is next to impossible. This is because technological advancements have we influenced almost every aspect of human life. The innovation of such advancements has been as result of their necessity. These advancements have greatly contributed in making the world into a small global village a process so called globalization.  Globalization promoted fast spread   ideas and movement of people and goods throughout the world. This way, technological advancement enabled people to save their time.

Technological advancements have depicted a substancial growth which concerns each and every field be it building architectural designs, electronic devices that are used daily, semiconductors devices automobiles, computers communication systems inter alia. Technological advancements have refurbished almost everything for example development of radio wave communication has extended further to mobile communications. Additionally, mobile communication has been advanced further to have   smart phones and I pads which enables one to not only make calls but also to make video calls where one can see the person he or she is talking to.

In research, high speed devices   such as calculators, fast and “intelligent” super computers have been extensively used. The use of CT scans optoelectronics and MRIs have been installed to detect various diseases in different parts of the body. This has enabled  doctors an  medicine students to   discover  treatments an d drugs that can cure different diseases thereby  saving many lives of innocent people or  prolonging the lives of many people. All these are as result of advancements in technological advancements that have been accompanied by improvements in medicine and health sciences.

In architecture, effects of technological advancements have not been ruled out since techniques developed to build superstructures such as Petronas Towers that are capable of holding hundreds of storey. These super structures are  built with  improved security systems  such as the CCTV  which ensures security  at  any given point in time .Also architectural design have  been affected by  advancement in technology since   more attractive houses are now  built  which  allows the use natural light  instead of  using electricity  for lighting the rooms. Furthermore, the impact of advancement in technology has completely changed the face of agriculture due to development of agricultural technology.

Agricultural technology has brought about increased food production securing the countries food security. This has resulted from the use of improved technological tools to plough and irrigate farms for the case dry periods. Proper usage of agricultural technology can completely change the economic state of the country especially to the ones who are dependent on agriculture. Advancements have resulted to    high quality products as well as large output.

Despite the fact that human beings have   benefited a lot from technological advancements they also stand a chance to face its shortcomings. Technology has made people to  be dependent on these advancements making them lazy in the sense that  they prefers using  calculators  for calculations that can be done manually. Also, the use of fuel engines leads to emission of hazardous gases to the atmosphere thereby depleting the ozone layer leading to overall global warming.