5 Simple Tips for Students Writing a Paper

Research papers and essays can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for students. But unfortunately, no matter what classes you are taking either in college or high school, at one point, you will have to write an essay. Here are some tips that you can apply while writing an essay.

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You should understand what the question is all about before you start writing. Understand the type of essay that you are supposed to write. Note the keywords such as compare, discuss, evaluate contrast explain, and identify any words restricting your essay. For example, within the United States, During World war II, etc.

 Pick A Topic

There are two ways around this. You can be assigned a topic, or you can be asked to pick one on your own. When you are not assigned a problem, you can come up with one. You can start by brainstorming and writing down your ideas.

You should then narrow down your ideas and select a topic that you like. Choosing an argument can be difficult, but you can reach out to writing services to help you.

Create an Outline

After you have picked a topic, create an essay outline. You should write your item in the middle of your paper, proceed to draw some lines branching from it, and include your thoughts. Alternatively, you can use a simple outline. Start from the introduction, the body, then the conclusion, and state your ideas under each part.

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 Write Your Thesis Statement

After you have picked a topic and created a paper outline, you can now start writing an essay. But start by creating a thesis statement that must inform your reader about the main aim of the paper. To come up with an appropriate thesis, read through your essay outline. Also, include your topic and essay argument in your thesis statement.

Your thesis statement must carry a comprehensive solution to the problem. Put it in the first paragraph and refer to it throughout the whole essay.

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Write The Body

You should start each paragraph with a sentence that articulates the main idea of the item. You should include contextual information and quotes to defend your thesis and topic statements.

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You Must Use Trustworthy Sources

You must use contextual information and quotes to support your argument. Therefore, make sure that you use credible scholarly sources. Reliable sources are academic journals, textbooks, NPR articles, etc. and you should avoid using encyclopedia articles, Wikipedia, among others.

Write Conclusion

You should start by restating your thesis statement and then summarize all your main points together. Provide a final perspective of your essay. You can also use at least three to five active sentences.


To write a great essay, first, understand essay requirements, pick a topic, outline your ideas, and write your thesis statement. Do not forget to use credible sources when writing your paper.