11 of the Best Email Marketing Templates for 2022

Marketing email template examples


If you prefer to look at multiple design options and don’t want to put much effort into customisation, then this is the source for you. With over 300 email template designs you’d want for nothing more. Whatever kind of email you want to send, you will find several email templates for it. This is an excellent source for email templates for marketers that are looking for tons of unique design ideas.

They also provide customised email templates for different industries. So, all you need to do is use a template predesigned for your industry and you won’t need much customisation. Of all the sources listed here, this is probably the biggest in terms of their collection of email templates. And, after you look at their selection, chances are, you won’t need to look any further.

Stripo Free HTML Email Template

BEE Free

Still looking for more great email marketing templates? BEE Free is a great source for finding unique and vibrant email templates suited for all occasions, both for personal and business use. They have a selection of 200+ designs that you can choose from, depending on the type of email that you want to send. They also categorise their email templates by industry and type of email, so it is easier for you to find something that you can use as-is, without modification.

And, given their selection of templates, there will hardly be any need for you to check out any other sources. This is not a popular email marketing tool. In fact, not many people know about it. It is kind of a hidden gem. And you can use to your advantage.


This is a website that boasts thousands of email templates and design assets. They provide 39 of these free of cost that are available for download by anyone. These cover templates for different kinds of emails that you need to send in the course of your business. So, scroll through their selection and see if anything catches your eyes. Also, all these templates have a responsive design so these will work well with any kind of device.

Colorlib Responsive HTML Email Template

Which One Will You Choose?

With our curation of sources for free email templates, you can now access hundreds of designs for your business emails. All of these have a good collection of templates that you can choose from. So, take your pick while keeping your brand aesthetics in mind and design beautiful and engaging emails that deliver the desired results.

How to Make an Email Marketing Template

If you want to have more creative control over your emails, you can make email templates of your own. The simplest way is to modify an existing template and save it for later use. However, you can also create custom templates from scratch.

A screenshot explaining how to create email template from scratch in Tidio

Email design builder

Dropping elements of email design in the template builder

HTML email marketing templates
If you want to create your own HTML email templates, you need a text editor for developers. There are many tools but it requires advanced web development skills. Creating emails in HTML is different from building websites. If you are not a developer, try an email template builder instead.

#7. The easy fix template

#8. The behind-the-scenes email template

As you’re leading up to the messaging that your particular brand can solve your audience’s problem, this email template helps you demonstrate that your team is working hard to fulfill its mission of solving problems for people.

Whether it’s how hard your team has been working to perfect and improve a product, or the process that goes into delivering a service, showcase your brand’s expertise and commitment to delivering that expertise.

#10. The proof email template

“I know it’s possible for someone to [achieve result] . I hear about it all the time. But, I just don’t know if it’ll work for me. I’ve tried so many other things that weren’t successful. This might be the same story.”

#11. The unique benefits email template

Not sure what the difference is? That’s fair, the terms are a little vague. Features are cool things that your product or service has or functions as. Benefits are the outcomes — what those cool things do for your customers.

Email Marketing Strategy

Before deciding on a template, design, and which technology to use, it’s good to start with a strategy. What do you want to achieve with your email marketing strategy? Simply more clicks or traffic to your website? Or does it go beyond that, like booked meetings and won revenue? At this point, you might just be wondering how to do email marketing or how to plan a strategy. That’s okay, too! Your plan or strategy all starts with an objective. Here are a few important questions to ask yourself during the strategy stage:

Your strategy could also be based on your audience. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, it’s important to consider who will be receiving and reading these emails. Think about specific personas or personality types when figuring out how to write B2B emails. What do they care about most? How can your product, service, or company align to their goals or pain points? Do they prefer to read longer and more informative emails? Or, do they want you to get straight to the point?

People, resources, technology, budget, and the audience will all influence your email marketing strategy and determine what’s best for your team. Take your time to evaluate all of these factors, and any other variables you think are worth considering. Respect your audience’s time and don’t abuse the power of email marketing. Keep it personalized and fun, even in today’s world where automation and mass marketing messages are so common.

Free HTML Email Template

In addition to paying for a platform or software to help fuel your email marketing strategy, free tools and resources are also available. A free HTML email template, for example, can serve as a starting point for your email design. Mailchimp’s free email template builder is a good example of this! Their free email editor, along with many other available free tools, allow users to get started on email marketing with a set number of basic features. There is also a growing collection of free responsive email templates. 2018 had more than the previous year’s free responsive email templates. 2017 had more than 2016, and so on. As you can see by this growing trend, each year has brought more and more free options for all of us to use! Not only is there an increase in free email templates, but also with free downloads. Free downloads are available for whatever type of email you need: html, responsive, or even both with free responsive email template HTML code. From responsive email template HTML code free download options to HTML email templates free download resources or bootstrap email template free download guides, email services offer quite the list to choose from.

If you are a fan of another software for HTML emails, there are other template tools available. This includes free email marketing templates for Outlook and the free email template builder for Gmail. Each also offer basic email template examples, free of charge! Not only do they offer marketing and basic email templates, but they offer specific templates as well, such as business email templates. Free download options are available for several email templates, helping you in all situations! The options are limitless when it comes to making a stellar email for your audience. And if you ever need any additional help employee email and using it as a new marketing channel, Sigstr is here to help!